Don’t hate, meditate


A lovingly crafted blend for all overthinkers

If you are the sensitive type and you consider all possible scenarios all day and night or you are simply overwhelmed by the excess of duties - this brew is for you! The aromatic lemon balm leaf will organize your thoughts, passion flower will help regulate the nervous system, and lavender and hops will support you with their calming properties.

It's such a nice and sometimes much needed hug in the form of an infusion

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Herbal blend for calming down, straight from Podlasie
Composition: passion flower (passiflora), lemon balm leaf, lavender flower, valerian root, elderberry, hop cones

Magic Powers: calms down, soothes, regulates the nervous system, sings lullabies

Weight: 50g


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  1. Heat the water to 90-100°C
  2. Choose your favorite mug
  3. Pour about one and a half teaspoons of the infusion into the infuser / special bag
  4. Drop the package into your favorite mug
  5. Pour hot water. Be careful not to burn yourself! It would be nice to cover the cup with a small plate or whatever you have on hand, but it is not necessary.
  6. Wait 10-15 minutes, the longer you brew the infusion, it will be richer in taste
  7. Remove the infuser / pouch from your favorite cup
  8. Drink with relish
  9. Offer tea to guests and follow points 3-7 (you can choose a different cup).
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