1. slang: to understand something; to catch, to glow, to grab, to catch; check someone or something; check out;

2. lurking:
a) hide;
b) approach undetected

CZAJE o nas
CZAJE o nas

It's so short ... But our "czaje"
has a bit more meaning 

We pay attention to what's in the grass (at least we try hard) and by analyzing all the gusts of wind, the phases of the moon, and even the prophecies of the Foreteller Maciej, we deliver the best!

Through our invented products, we try to provide a sense of comfort and joy.
From unique tea blends or whatever you
prefer - czaju (yes, that's a very subtle reference
to our name ), to silk scarves
with an original print created just outside Warsaw. We will adapt your needs and wrap you with the properties of our small works of art. 

Because that's what we do - with humor
and love for people, nature and art! 



We are still developing and still lurking
with some things... but soon
*scout's word!* more "joymakers"
will see the light of day. 

Stay with us for longer


It's us, 2 girls who didn't want to work full-time anymore, so they invented a full-time job themselves.

CZAJE o nas
Basia Dąbrowska


CZAJE o nas
Kama Bartosz


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