Wild Child


Sencha green tea with a touch of excitement and forest inspiration

Wildness in the heart and wildness in the cup. It will be perfect for every rebellious soul!

Thanks to (barely!) tamed fruit ingredients and beautifully perceptible Sencha tea, you will feel that your blood flows much faster and you will gain a wild desire to discover the undiscovered. This brew will definitely set you free!

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Pleasant, delicate and at the same time wild in taste. Such a combination, based on green tea, will become your new source of positive emotions. 


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  1. Heat the water, preferably to 80°C
  2. Choose your favorite mug 
  3. Pour about one and a half teaspoons of tea into the infuser / special bag
  4. Drop the package into your favorite mug
  5. Pour hot water. Be careful not to burn yourself! It would be nice to cover the cup with a small plate or whatever you have on hand, but it is not necessary.
  6. Wait 4-5 minutes, the longer you brew the infusion, it will be richer in taste
  7. Remove the infuser / pouch from your favorite cup
  8. Drink with relish
  9. Offer tea to your guests and follow points 3-7 (you can choose a different cup).

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Sencha green tea, bamboo leaf, freeze-dried strawberry, blackcurrant, freeze-dried blackberry, rose, natural fruit flavor



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