Woke up like this


Let your mind become razor-sharp from your mom's friend's son's barber.

The creativity-stimulating combination of yerba, raspberry leaves and ginseng will give you a positive kick for the whole day, and mint and blackthorn will put your scattered thoughts in order.

You can definitely do more with this brew!

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Herbal infusion for a great start every day, straight from Podlasie
Composition: Yerba mate, red currant, raspberry leaf, peppermint, blackthorn, licorice, Siberian ginseng

Magic Powers: it increases concentration, stimulates, makes you want to do thing

Weight: 50g


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  1. Heat the water to 90-100°C
  2. Choose your favorite mug
  3. Pour about one and a half teaspoons of the infusion into the infuser / special bag
  4. Drop the package into your favorite mug
  5. Pour hot water. Be careful not to burn yourself! It would be nice to cover the cup with a small plate or whatever you have on hand, but it is not necessary.
  6. Wait 10-15 minutes, the longer you brew the infusion, it will be richer in taste
  7. Remove the infuser / pouch from your favorite cup
  8. Drink with relish
  9. Offer tea to guests and follow points 3-7 (you can choose a different cup).
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