Chaotic Chic


A multitude of thoughts and a billion ideas per minute, mess, chaos ... have we just described you yourself? Than it's a match! This scarf will become the only matching thing in your unique reality!

If you feel best in a disorderly (obviously according to others) environment, and your actions are seemingly chaotic - don't worry! So do we! We may not be able to cope with many things, but we can enjoy life. And we encourage you to do the same

Let's make some noise chaos together!

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Size: 70x70cm

Fabric: 100% natural silk

Production: completely in Poland

Cleaning: chemical or manual in distilled water at 20-30 degrees

How to use:

Instead of a washing machine, choose a nice massage bath This will ensure beauty and gratitude surrounded by colors, good mood and joy!


But seriously, it is absolutely important to remember not to rub the silk and not to wring it out!!! While dry it is durable, wet it has a significantly reduced strength. So we recommend hand washing, then remember not to wash it in too hot water (distilled would be great!). 20-30 degrees is best. Only mild detergents should be used

As for drying - we do not dry in the sun! Remember that it is a natural raw material and under the influence of strong sun it may lose its color. In addition, silk does not need to be dried flat, you can hang it on a hanger to dry

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